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How do I set up out-of-stock alerts for my affiliate links?

Product information retrieved by Carted is at maximum 1 hour old. 

You will have the ability to set up tracking and receive a report of ‘out of stock’ products listed across your website.

The way this works is, on page load, each Carted product card will send an event to the page which includes details of the product, including in-stock availability. If you’ve set up event tracking for these events, you can identify product cards that fail to load correctly due to a dead link or are out of stock and send that information to your analytics tool for reporting and alerting.

This replaces the manual task of checking links individually, therefore helping you keep your content evergreen and minimizing lost revenue.

Which merchants does Carted support?

Carted currently supports hundreds of thousands of Shopify stores in the US, and we will be continuing to add support for other merchants over time.

How do I know if Carted supports the product I’d like to feature?

Carted has a Chrome Extension available to customers which indicates whether or not the merchant is supported when visiting the merchant’s site.

Do I need to have a partnership with a merchant to add their products to my site?

No, in order to use Carted you do not need an existing partnership with a merchant beyond an affiliate relationship to earn commissions. You can use affiliate networks or sub-affiliate networks to create affiliate relationships with merchants and earn a commission on every sale.

Do customers know they’re shopping from a merchant and not me?

Yes. Carted Elements are designed to provide transparent merchant information to your users as they shop. Once they’ve completed a transaction, they will also receive a confirmation email from the merchant directly. If they have products from multiple merchants in one cart, they will receive an email from each merchant separately.

Who handles customer support and return requests?

All customer support and return requests will be handled by the merchant as normal. Your users’ order information will be enclosed in the email that they received from the merchant.

How do merchants receive the order, and do they know it’s coming from us?

The order will enter the merchant’s funnel just like any other order, and will include the buyer’s information and payment details. The merchant will not know by default that the buyer placed the order on your platform, unless you have an affiliate relationship with them, or provide them with a report yourself.

Can I still feature my existing affiliate links alongside Carted Elements?

Yes, the shopping experience you can build with Carted is highly customizable. We understand that you might like to keep your existing affiliate links in place in addition to the ‘add to cart’ button, in order to give your readers the option to browse the merchant’s site using your affiliate link.

How can I send follow up emails to readers who click on products?

When readers checkout on your site, they have the option to opt in to receive email communications from you. You can use your existing customer data platform to send emails to your users based on their shopping interactions on your site.

Can I customize the look and feel of Carted Elements to fit my branding?

Yes. We know how important it is for Carted Elements to fit well with your branding and site aesthetics so we’ve made it easy to customize the colors, fonts, and more, using CSS, like you would any other element on your website.

You can also choose what elements you wish to make visible for your readers. For example, you can choose to just show a ‘buy now’ button that results in a pop-up, instead of displaying the entire product card.

I would like to build a custom shopping experience that falls outside the use case for Carted Elements. Is this possible?

Yes. The Carted API is a more flexible solution, and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your use case. 

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